apple chais and rain boots

If you live in Newport New—or anywhere in the Hampton Roads area, for that matter—you will inevitably experience weeks where the sun is absent for several consecutive days. Such was our week last week.

From Monday to Thursday, the entirety of the CNU student body was forced to hunker down in rain boots, rain jackets, and umbrellas and march through rivers and lakes to get to class. Needless to say, when the sun finally came out on Saturday, there was much rejoicing amongst the CNU community.

Unfortunately, this rejoicing was short-lived, as when we woke up again on Sunday morning, it was raining...again.

I'll be honest, I was not particularly pleased. It's not that I dislike rain. To be honest, I actually really love rain. But when it's cold and gross and you have to get up out of bed and go to class and do work, well, rain's not exactly fun. If you can stay curled up in sweats with a good book and a cup of tea, then I'm all for a rainy day.

In any event, like most females at CNU, my rain boots got some good wear and tear this week, thanks to the constant presence of precipitation.

On Sunday, however, I exchanged my sweatshirt and finally pulled out my bright green rain jacket (I must say, it coordinates quite nicely with my bright yellow rain boots).

Like each Sunday, I spent the better part of this past Sunday evening holed up in The Captain's Log office editing articles and organizing and reorganizing the layout of a page. To make the night not suck quite so much (because, I'll be honest, I would rather be pretty much anywhere than in the office on a gross Sunday night), I headed to Starbucks before I started working on the layout to get myself the wonderfulness that is an apple chai.

I walked out of the dreary grossness into the store and up to the counter.

It took a minute for the barista (who was out sweeping) to realize I was there, but as soon as she did, she quickly walked up to the counter. Before she even made her way around to the front she was like, "I love your jacket! Where did you get it?"

We proceeded to discuss my rain jacket for a moment until the other barista came out to ring me up. She immediately said, "OH MY GOSH! I love your jacket!"

I laughed and we continued to talk a bit more and I mentioned that the only thing that made gross days like that day better was the fact that I got to wear my bright yellow rain boots and bright green rain jacket.

I left the Starbucks a few minutes later, drink in hand, with a smile on my face. During my short trip back to campus, I then realized something: apple chais and rain boots on rainy days are like my spiritual life.  

Now, I know it sounds bizarre, but stay with me.

See, often we're stuck in times of life that just seem bleary and gross. We feel worn down and tired and just blah. But amidst the dreariness and blah of every day life, Jesus shows us all unique ways that He loves us — just like with apple chais and rain boots.

Even though rainy days can kind of suck sometimes, my rain boots and apple chais remind me just how much Jesus loves me. Now, this is for different reasons, but it applies to both things.

Apple chais just make me happy. They're warm and yummy and make me think of fall and beautiful colors and just...warmth, which, on a gross and blah day, is really nice.

Now my rain boots and rain jacket are a slightly different story. I got my bright green rain jacket a couple of years ago on sale and seriously, it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. On top of that, it seems like everyone that I've ever met loves my rain jacket. I think I get more compliments on my rain jacket than the rest of my wardrobe combined. And I'm not kidding.

People also really like my rain boots. There's nothing special about them — they're just your average, plain yellow rain boots. But, like I said, people really like them.

All that said, my rain jacket and rain boots remind me each and every rainy day just how much Jesus loves me.

You see, a lot of times my mood is affected by the weather, and unless I'm just in a super awesome mood, if I have to be out and about on a rainy day, I'm usually very blah. But whenever I walk around campus in my bright green rain jacket with my bright yellow rain boots, I will inevitably get at least half a dozen compliments.

It's not a big deal. Usually it's nothing more than, "I really like your rain jacket!" But, to me, it's almost as if Jesus is saying, "You know what Sarah, today might be dreary and blah and kind of suck, but I still love you and I still think you're wonderful."

So, the next time it rains, remember that even on dreary and blah days, Jesus thinks you're wonderful.