Here you'll find a list of brands I've discovered that I believe align well with the aim of a simplified life.

All of the brands I share with you here fit as many of these aims as possible. The ethics and quality are non-negotiables, so I will never recommend brands that don't fulfill those requirements. The brands shared here create high quality products and many of them use sustainable practices in their production. Many of them also use a portion of their proceeds to give back to the community in one way or another. 



When it comes to purchasing new items for our lives and homes, it's important to recognize that we will rarely, if ever, be able to find items that check all the boxes — that are ethically made, totally sustainable, high quality, and exactly what we're looking for. For this reason, it's important to acknowledge personal priorities when making purchases. To help you better understand why I recommend the brands I do, these are my priorities when it comes to purchasing new items, particularly fashion related items:

  1. Ethically made. The humane treatment of the workers involved in the production of anything I purchase will always be the number one priority for me. Only under extreme circumstances will I ever purchase items from brands that do not carefully monitor their supply chain and ensure the dignity and proper care of all of their workers.
  2. High quality. Plain and simple, I want my items to last a long time. When I purchase a piece of furniture or a pair of shoes, the ideal would be never having to replace that item again. I would love to only purchase from companies using sustainable production, but if I'm replacing that sustainably produced garment more often than an "unsustainably" produced garment because it's of a lower quality, it's not a sustainable purchase. 
  3. Small business created. I am a small business owner and I love to support small business owners. Toward that end, if I'm able to purchase an item from a small business, especially a local one, I aim to do that over purchasing from a big name brand.
  4. Sustainably made. Whenever possible, I aim to purchase items made from more sustainable materials like organic cotton in a more sustainable way than traditional methods. Toward this end, there are certain fabrics and the like I do not purchase due to their environmental impact not only during but after production as well.