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hello monday: vol. 17

Hello, Monday. I've been thinking about the Lord's goodness lately.

This isn't anything new, necessarily. It's something I've thought about a lot over the last several years.

You see, I found myself in circumstances that had me asking big questions. Big questions about God and His goodness and whether or not that was really true. Because intellectually, I knew it, but emotionally I didn't, and I wanted that to change.

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hello monday: vol. 15

Hello, Monday. I never considered myself a fearful person.

Over the years, my life has been filled with its fair share of crazy adventures and giant leaps of faith. My bucket list includes items like bungee jumping and skydiving. Many have called me brave; few have called me fearful.

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hello monday: vol. 14

Hello Monday. Today is a special Monday.

Known as Easter Monday, it is the one Monday each year that we celebrate the resurrection of our Risen Savior.

This year, as I have for I'm almost every year since 2002, I participated in my church's Easter production. It's quite the elaborate affair with full-blown costumes, set, and a crucifixion scene that still gives me chills, even after watching it — on stage or off — for almost two full decades.

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hello monday: vol. 13

Hello, Monday. I've been thinking about focus.

As a business owner and a person who is time motivated, it's always my aim to use my working time as efficiently as possible. I'm not bound by a 40-hour work week or a traditional 9-5 schedule, but rather by the length of my to do list and how fell I focus in order to accomplish the items on that list.

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hello monday: vol. 12

Hello, Monday. I've been thinking about celebration.

Celebrating the little things, to be specific.

We're a society that is prone to focus on big moments. We're always looking for and focusing on the next big thing, which distracts from the now and causes us to miss out on so much of what's happening right in front of us.

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