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one thing I ask and I would seek

For a long time, I was a resolutions person. Each year when January 1st rolled around, I would come up with a list of all things I resolved to do over the next 365 days. Sometimes I succeeded, most times I failed. Yet each year, as the clock neared midnight on December 31st, I prepared myself for a fresh start filled with good resolutions.

2014 was the first year in recent memory that I didn't make any resolutions. I was tired. I was weary and life had run me down and more so than anticipating the new year with baited breath, I was desperate for it. Desperate for something new. Desperate for a change. Desperate for a fresh start.

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for more than we could ask or imagine

There's a canvas that hangs on a wall in my house, next to a row of four bookshelves.

The bookshelves are filled to the brim with words, housing hundreds of stories and lives and fictional worlds. The books are stacked and the shelves are full of so many bits and pieces that make up the person I am. They are overflowing with tcotschkes and pages underlined and covers bent back.

And beside these overflowing bookshelves hangs a single canvas.

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on quick fixes and extraordinary living

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, "You should do the Race!" during the time I worked at Adventures, I'd have, well, a lot of money.

Each time, I laughed, smiled, and effectively said, "Thanks, but no thanks."

When I was hired, my supervisor told me the fact that I didn't do the Race was an asset. I was able to bring a different, broader perspective to the goals and vision for social media and copywriting for Adventures and the Race because, rather than only seeing what my personal experience had been, I was able to see all the kinds of things it could be for different people.

But for the number of times I was asked that question, it didn't seem like me not going on the Race was much of an asset.

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the legacy of my great uncle clifford

Two weeks ago, sometime in the night, my Great Uncle Clifford died.

He went from this world into the next peacefully, in his sleep, as I think many people would wish to go. He finished his life how he lived — quietly, without much fanfare or to do.

He had pancreatic cancer and it moved much quicker than doctors had anticipated. Just a few days after I'd sat on my baby sister's bed with tears in my eyes while my mom told me he had cancer and was given 6-8 months to live, I got a call that he was in hospice. Three days after that, we were on our way up to Michigan to say what we knew would almost definitely be goodbye. A week and a half later, he slipped from this world to the next.

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on fort building and embracing chaos

"Welcome to Marketing!" Nicole exclaimed, as our CEO leaned down and stuck his head through the curtains.

He laughed and shook his head, a combination of disbelief and a distinct 'Why am I not surprised?' look on his face. In his weekly email to the staff, he referred to us as Bedouins and word spread quickly around the office about the infamous Marketing Fort.

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on grace, shorts, and a georgia summer

Grace comes in all different forms. That's what I've been learning lately. Sometimes it comes in the form of slow conversations savored over delicious meals. Sometimes it comes in the form of afternoons spent in a hammock with a book on a dock.

And sometimes it comes in the form of autumn-like days in the middle of a Georgia summer.

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