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on racism and white privilege

"What can I, as a white person...I, how can I help it and not make it worse?" I asked, stumbling over my words, that first Sunday after church.

We talked and my anger swelled at the silence of our leaders and tears welled up in my eyes. 

She hugged me. Wrapped me tight in her strong, dark, beautiful arms as tears slipped down my cheeks. 

"I'm so glad you're my friend," I whispered into her shoulder. 

"Me too," she whispered back. 

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on the life I thought I wanted

Shortly after I moved back to the DC area, I started a temp job. It happened rather quickly, and less than 24 hours after interviewing with the temp agency, I was stepping off the metro into the middle of a busy DC morning.

I walked along in my suit, hair done up nicely, high heels on and arrived at a high-rise building on the corner of 14th Avenue. It was a gorgeous spring day, but no one on the street seemed to notice  they hustled and bustled up and down the street, headphones in their ears, eyes whipping back and forth between a screen and the steps ahead.

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