My Top 5 Wardrobe Staples

Everywhere you look, you'll find lists of "closet essentials" or "wardrobe staples" that every woman or man must have. And every single time I look at one of those lists, there are at least three or four things (if not more) that I would never wear.

When I first started minimizing my wardrobe, I thought it was going to be this long, arduous process to figure out my personal style. There are certain elements of my personal style that have taken a bit of time to nail down, but figuring out the staples in my wardrobe was never one of them.


When it comes to fashion, a staple is a piece your wardrobe is built around. Some of your most common ones are things like white button downs, fitted blazers, or black heels. We consider those staples, of course, because they always look really great and are appropriate for a variety of settings. 

Just like the rest of your style is going to be personal, the staples in your wardrobe will be personal as well. Even though a lot of people consider those white button downs, fitted blazers, and black heels as an essential staple in every woman's wardrobe, I don't own a single one of them because I won't wear them. 

So if those aren't my wardrobe staples, then what are? The full list is a bit longer than this, but these are my top five.


Because I have blonde hair and a relatively fair skin tone, officially my go-to neutrals are supposed to be navy blue and gray because they're less "harsh" than black, which supposedly washes someone like me out. While I certainly have my fair share of gray and navy in my wardrobe (because I do love it), nothing beats black for me.

At least once a week you will find me in some kind of all-black outfit, no matter what the season. My black skinny jeans never fail to make me feel amazing, I have a black a-line skirt that I will fix up over and over again until it is beyond repair, and my black maxi dress is the perfect option for everything from an afternoon exploring a new city to a night out.

There's something about black that instantly makes me feel classy, amazing, and wonderful, no matter how the rest of the day has made me feel, which is why it will always, always be the most constant staple color in my wardrobe.


Truth be told, there are few things that I love more than a classic, well-constructed, v-neck tshirt.

My main style is comfy and casual with a little bit of polish to it — the kind of outfit you could get away with for an afternoon out at a coffee shop and then easily dress up for a night out. And few things fit the bill for that kind of outfit better than a slightly dressy, well-constructed t-shirt. 

You can pair it with a pair of jeans and flip flops for a super laid back, casual vibe, or you can combine it with a structured skirt, a cardigan, some pearls and ballet flats for a chic and classic look. Particularly in neutral tones, classic tshirts can quite literally have endless possibilities for how they can be styled and what you can pair them with.

I specify v-neck tees over another style because that's just my preferred neckline, but whether it's scoop, v, crew neck, or something totally different, you really can't go wrong with a classic tee in your wardrobe.


Continuing with that comfy, casual, but polished vibe, cardigan sweaters will always have a major presence in my wardrobe. You can call them an old lady sweater if you want, but a well-constructed cardigan can often be the perfect finishing touch to an outfit that's leaning a little too much on the casual side of things for whatever situation you're in.

Skinny jeans (usually black), a v-neck tee, and a cardigan sweater are one of my go-to outfit formulas, no matter what time of the year because it's the perfect outfit for 90% of the things I do in my life.

I love a really good fitted cardigan, but I am also a major fan of longline and oversized cardigans. Few things feel cozier to me and I love wrapping up in one with some comfy leggings, a hot cup of tea, and a good book on a rainy or chilly day.

So call me a grandma if you want, but I will keep my cardigans until the day I die.


You could say that cognac is the new black, and when it comes to accessories, I totally agree. Cognac is my neutral of choice for all things accessory related — totes and purses, boots, ballet flats, sandals, and more.

If you aren't familiar with it, cognac is the minimalist's best friend when it comes to accessories because it literally goes with everything — black, gray, navy blue. You name it, this beautiful shade goes with all of it, which means when you're purchasing things like shoes or bags, rather than buying two of them — one in black and one in a color that will coordinate with navy blue — you can just buy one in cognac and you are absolutely golden.

I love the color because it's warm and welcoming (yes, a color can totally be welcoming), so it pairs beautifully with warmer toned outfits and it adds a bit of warmth to those cooler toned outfits.


You might not consider lipstick a wardrobe staple, but if that's the case you would be oh so wrong.

I am not a big lipstick person in general, but I absolutely adore a good red lipstick and can be found wearing it (usually with an all-black outfit) at least once a week, if not two or three times.

Similar to the color black, there's something about red lipstick that automatically makes me feel like I can take on the world. If I'm feeling a little tired or out of it, I will almost always put on an all-black outfit and finish it off with an amazing red lipstick because nothing makes me feel more confident and amazing.

The key, of course, is finding your perfect red lipstick, which certainly can take time. My absolute favorite is from the natural makeup line Kosås Cosmetics, which I first learned about through a profile where they were labeled as "a lipstick line for minimalists." Pretty perfec, right? All of their lipsticks are totally all natural, formulated to look good on any skin tone, and they last forever.

My favorite is their deep red, Fringe, and every single time I wear it, I get compliments on it, which just makes me want to wear it even more often.

Figuring out your own wardrobe staples doesn't have to be a stressful or lengthy experience. Just think about those pieces you reach for all the time, that make you feel absolutely amazing, and are perfect for pretty much any situation and you'll be well on your way.