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don't rush through your life

If you're anything like me and the vast majority of Americans, you're a fairly busy person.

When I moved back to Northern Virginia in April, I started a temp job to hold me over while I looked for a full-time position that would mesh well with this current season of my life. That temp job put me in a high-rise office building on the corner of a busy street in the middle of downtown Washington D.C. I took the metro to and from work every day, squeezing in tight and getting nice and cozy with my fellow commuters.

After a few days of what would become my daily commuter for over three months, I noticed something — everybody was rushing.

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on quick fixes and extraordinary living

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, "You should do the Race!" during the time I worked at Adventures, I'd have, well, a lot of money.

Each time, I laughed, smiled, and effectively said, "Thanks, but no thanks."

When I was hired, my supervisor told me the fact that I didn't do the Race was an asset. I was able to bring a different, broader perspective to the goals and vision for social media and copywriting for Adventures and the Race because, rather than only seeing what my personal experience had been, I was able to see all the kinds of things it could be for different people.

But for the number of times I was asked that question, it didn't seem like me not going on the Race was much of an asset.

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