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on turning 29.

I am officially less than a year from turning 30.

The countdown clock began a little less than a week ago when I turned 29 on a relatively quiet Thursday because the truth is that it's hard to celebrate your birthday on your birthday when it's in the middle of the week.

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hello monday: vol. 5

Hello Monday. I drank my last soda last week.

I won't say it's 100% for sure my last soda forever and ever, but it is for the foreseeable future.

You see, sometime between graduating from high school and where I'm at now, I got into a habit of drinking way more soda than I ever did as a kid. Growing up, soda was a special occasion thing. We had it with pizza and popcorn and when we would get fast food, which was pretty rare. That was it. At most, we would have it twice a week, but more often than not, it was once a week or less.

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hello monday: vol. 4

Hello, Monday. I've been thinking about disconnection lately.

Back in December, I spent the better part of two days in my car as I drove from Florida back to Virginia. To make good use of the time, I downloaded about a bajillion podcasts to my phone before I left and proceeded to catch up on as many as possible. Over the course of two days, I caught up on something like 50+ podcast episodes thanks to short episodes and 1.5x listening speed.

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hello monday: vol. 3

Hello, Monday. I've been doing some thinking on discipline.

We're just a couple of weeks into this new year and, according to statistics, most people who made resolutions or goals will abandon them in about four weeks time. At least I think that's the stat — middle of February or so, and our resolve and willpower fails and we go back to old habits until January 1st rolls around again and we resolve anew.

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hello monday: vol. 2

Hello Monday. I went to see a movie on Friday.

You've probably heard of it — the one that depicts the life of P.T. Barnum and how his circus began. Critics have heralded it as spectacular entertainment, a must-see, and more. My official opinion is, if you can put aside the ethics of the circus for a couple of hours, it is a movie with wonderful performances, beautiful cinematography, phenomenal choreography, and a soundtrack I am sure to have on repeat for the next several weeks at least.

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hello monday: vol. 1

Hello, Monday. Welcome to 2018.

It probably just adds to my organizational nerd status, but I am far more excited than is probably normal about the fact that today, the first day of 2018, is a Monday. Because it's not just a new day or a new week, but a new month and a new year. It's like the ultimate fresh start.

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