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hello monday: vol. 9

Hello Monday. I'm really good at independence.

I'm not entirely sure if it's a natural trait or something learned out of necessity, but my guess is probably a combination of both.

When you're raised in a military family and moving once every couple of friends, you learn to make friends quickly, but you also learn to be fine on your own. When you're single for nearly a decade longer than you anticipated, you learn everything from how to find a job you really love to how to hang curtain by yourself when you're only 5'2".

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hello monday: vol. 8

Hello, Monday. I've been doing a bit of thinking about goals.

We're a little over six weeks into the new year. It's around this time, they say, that most people have abandoned the resolutions they made with vigor leading up to January 1st.

I don't make resolutions, per say, and I haven't for several years now, but I do make goals and some years I'm fairly successful at accomplishing them and others, well, not so much.

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hello monday: vol. 7

Hello Monday. The Winter Olympics started last week.

I'm not really a sports person. I don't care about basketball, baseball, football, or soccer. Hockey is only interesting if you're watching it live. So it's pretty abnormal to find me sitting in front of the TV, yelling at the screen or covering my eyes because I'm afraid of what's going to happen next in a sporting event.

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hello monday: vol. 6

Hello Monday. It was a rather slow start to the week.

Unlike the vast majority of people, I did not watch the Super Bowl last night because I have no interest in the game of football as a whole, but a combination of poor and limited sleep on both Saturday and Sunday nights meant I very much wanted to ignore my alarm when it went off this morning and would gladly have traded in today for another day in the weekend.

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