My Simplified Makeup Routine

Ahh, makeup. Such a fun way to express yourself, play up some of your favorite features, or make you feel totally stressed out because it's expensive and there's a lot of it.

Last week, we chatted about some tips to simplify your makeup and make the process of doing it each morning a little bit less crazy and chaotic. I shared with you then that my makeup routine has always been pretty simple and these days I have a formula and I tend to rotate through the same thing pretty much every single day. Because we're all about share and share alike here, I'm sharing all the details with you today — the steps, the breakdown of products, and how long the whole thing takes me each day!



Thanks to my fabulous new simplified skincare routine, blemishes are not a frequent thing in my life anymore, but the first step to my makeup routine is always concealer. The reason for that is even if blemishes aren't present, no matter how much sleep I get, I always have dark circles under my eyes.

In order to combat those dark circles and help myself look just a tad bit more awake, I always kick things off with the Clearly Brighter Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller in Light/Medium from Garnier. I discovered five or six years ago and it's pretty dang amazing and lasts forever.

I make a small triangle under my eyes, gently blend it in under, up, and around my eyes and I'm good to go. 

If blemishes are present, which does still happen on occasion, I cover them up with a tiny bit of Correcting Concealer from Bare Minerals.

Important to note, just like with my skincare, I've been in the process of shifting my makeup to more natural products recently and while both of these concealers work great, there are some more natural options out there (I've got my eye on this one from 100% Pure), so when I run out of each of these, I'll begin that lovely testing phase until I find my new secret weapon. (So if you've got recommendations, send them my way!)


I am both a pale person and someone who is prone to super pink cheeks. If I'm out in the sun for even a small amount of time, if I get a little bit warm, or if I have even a tiny bit of alcohol, my cheeks get nice and rosy — sometimes a bit more rosy than I'd like.

This means blush is not something I ever really need to worry about, but instead I opt for the Ready Bronzer from Bare Minerals. It adds a little bit of color to my cheeks in the morning and also helps combat the insane pinkness that can show up later in the day — especially in the middle of a Florida summer.

As with my concealers, this bronzer is one I'll be replacing with a more natural product when it runs out.


My eye shadow is pretty much the only part of my makeup routine that has any variation at all. I have a discontinued palette from Bare Minerals (and yes, you guessed it...I'll be replacing it when I run out) that has eight different colors.

I have three main combinations of these shadows that I rotate through depending on what I'm wearing for the day and how the shadow coordinates with said outfit, but the formula is always the same — a neutral creamy color over the whole eyelid and brow bone, a lighter color on the inner part of the lid, and a darker color on the outer part of the lid and up into the crease.


Most days, I finish things off with eyeliner and mascara. 

At the moment, my eyeliner is from CoverGirl and like most products in this routine, I will be replacing it with a more natural liner as soon as it runs out (which should be pretty soon).

I generally combine my neutral brown eyeliner with a pop of color from the eye shadow by lining the entire of the upper lid and outer half of the under eye with the liner, and using an eyeliner brush to line the inner half of the under eye with some of the eye shadow — usually the darker color.

From there, I move onto my mascara, which is the Ultra Lengthening Mascara in Dark Chocolate from 100% Pure. I do two coats on the top lashes, curling in between, and the equivalent of about a half coat on the bottom lashes.

It took me a long time to find a natural mascara that I liked and, y'all, this is the stuff of dreams. It doesn't clump or do anything crazy, doesn't smudge much at all, and the best part is that all of 100% Pure's makeup is dyed using natural means. So this mascara? It's pigmented with dark chocolate, which means it smells like dark chocolate. And considering how icky some mascaras can smell, that's pretty dang amazing.


Lipstick is optional because while I do wear it frequently, I don't wear it every day.

When I do wear it though, I go with one of two shades from Kosås Cosmetics — Fringe and Rosewater.

The Fringe shade from Kosås was my very first natural makeup purchase and y'all, this stuff if incredible. It's completely all natural, looks good on any skin tone, and it stays on forever. I've eaten entire meals before and my lipstick looks just as perfect when I finish as it did when I started. Plus, you never need lip liner. 

Seriously, if you're gonna get yourself a natural lipstick, get yourself something from Kosås.


You probably noticed that I don't use foundation in this routine, which has actually been a regular thing for me throughout most of my life.

Other than my cheeks getting pink fairly easily, I have a relatively even skin tone and most of the time, foundation just feels like an extra, unnecessary step. And especially in the summer, when I'm outside more and my skin is a bit more tan, it's a lot harder for me to find a foundation that matches because the tone is constantly changing. So in the summer I skip the foundation and just let my skin breathe! :)


This is a relatively simplified routine, but on most days, especially in the summer, I simplify my routine down even more to just two steps — concealer and mascara (and the occasional lipstick). Those two products wake my face up and make me feel put together but still laid back and breezy, which is exactly how I like to feel in the summer.

That's it, friends — my simplified makeup routine. If you're struggling with how to simplify your own routine, I hope this gave you some inspiration to make the leap and save yourself lots of time in the morning! And, as always, if you have favorite natural beauty products, I'd love to hear them!