hello monday: vol. 15

Hello, Monday. I never considered myself a fearful person.

Over the years, my life has been filled with its fair share of crazy adventures and giant leaps of faith. My bucket list includes items like bungee jumping and skydiving. Many have called me brave; few have called me fearful.


In late 2016, I unexpectedly lost my job and found myself wondering what would come next, and as I contemplated my next steps in life, a familiar desire came up — to run my own business, join the world of the self-employed, and have the flexibility I’d dreamed about since my first day in a gray cubicle.

But then the questions started racing through my head. What if I couldn’t do it? What if I failed? What if people saw me fail? What would I do then?

Then I heard it, that small whisper. Sarah, stop being so afraid.