hello monday: vol. 10

Hello Monday. We had a windstorm this weekend.

All day Friday, there gusts between 55 and 75 mph. Sort of like a hurricane, but without the rain and other craziness. Around 5 in the evening, the power went out, the internet went down, and shortly thereafter my laptop and phone both died.


We'd planned to order pizza for dinner that evening, but since the pizza place was without power, we ventured out to the mall in search of food, light, and warmth.

The next morning, my parents headed out town, we still had no power, and we didn't have cell phone service either, so once again, my sister and I ventured out to the mall in search of food, warmth, and cell service.

When a phone call to our brother revealed that he, in fact, had no lost power and was sitting pretty, we packed up our bags and headed over for an afternoon of nostalgia via the Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? card games. 

I died of a snake bite and dysentery, neither of our attempts to make it to Oregon were successful, and my brother knocked himself out of the game when he mistakenly declared that Carmen San Diego was, in fact, not where she was.

We laughed a lot, had a wonderful time, and when my little sister and I returned to the house later that afternoon, we were delighted to discover that a tree had not fallen on the house and we once again had power and thus heat and internet.

When the power went out Friday night, I was a little peeved. It wasn't unexpected, seeing as we'd been listening to the wind howl quite literally all day, but still a bit of an inconvenience.

It's not that I had any specific plans for that evening that were disrupted (other than the whole ordering pizza thing), but when we're used to comforts and they're suddenly taken away, it throws us off.

Things did get cancelled and plans changed as a result of our crazy storm, but the result was an afternoon filled with a ton of laughter and wonderful memories. One that wasn't interrupted by distractions or pushed off because of "more important" things.

It was just three siblings, spending time together, laughing and enjoying a good bit of nostalgia thanks to some card games.

I don't remember that I had anything specific on the agenda for Saturday to begin with, but I'm sure how it turned out is far better than anything I could've had planned.