meet sarah

I read the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker in October 2014.

It feels a little strange to be telling you that first, before anything else about myself, but the book shifted the way I look at life. It's a book about minimalism and learning to live on less, but it's really a ballad for figuring out what actually matters and investing your life there. It's how we ended up here.

My name is Sarah. I'm a 20-something creative who's always been a little bit all over the place. I'm a bit of an enigma — a creative at heart with a serious love for organization and spreadsheets, a free-spirited wanderer with an inclination for deep roots and a place to call home, a good girl with a rebel heart, and someone who never fits properly into a personality test category.

For most of my life, I was an advocate for more — more stuff, more activities, more time, more people, more books, more adventures. Whatever it was, there was never enough. There was a time when I owned flip flops in every color of the rainbow (and then some) and enough dresses to go an entire month without repeating a single one.

In 2014, I moved from the hustling bustling D.C. metro area to a small town in northeast Georgia. Four months after I arrived, I moved across town, picked up Jen's book, and life has never been the same. Over the next three years, I purged thousands of items from clothing and books to dishes and furniture, and with each item that left my home, I felt lighter.

My two greatest passions in this world are my faith and other people. Helping and encouraging others gives me joy like nothing else, and it is out of my love for helping and encouraging others that Simplify by Sarah was born.

We live in a world that is always GO GO GO — a world of mobile ordering apps, same-day delivery, and instant downloads. Our culture tells us that more is always better, no matter the cost to you, anyone, or anything else. It runs us ragged, burns us out, then shames us for feeling like we're perpetually behind. I believe there is a different way, a better way.

I am not here to proclaim that simplicity is the answer to every problem in life, but I know this — after nearly three years of simplifying my life, I am healthier, happier, and more at peace than I've been in years because I stopped pursuing things the world told me should matter and started asking myself what actually mattered to me. What truly matters is going to be different for every person, but simplicity can help you get there, and that's what we do here.

Chances are, something in life is overwhelming. It could be as small as your wardrobe, as big as your small business, or as all-encompassing as the entirety of your life. Chances are it got that way because, like me, you've spent years letting other people tell you how to live, instead of asking yourself first how you want to live. I'm here to help you fight that overwhelm and find a life filled with the things that matter most to you — the things that are probably buried under all that extra stuff.